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Commercial Concrete Projects

S.B. Cox Ready Mix has more than 27 years of experience supplying  concrete to commercial projects

A chemical reaction called hydration occurs when the components of concrete are combined together causing the  mixture to harden and gain strength. The Pantheon's dome in Rome is proof of durability while still standing nearly 2000 years after construction. 
Impressive durability and low maintenance requirements of concrete provides a long service life. The thermal mass of a concrete building can reduce heating and cooling energy requirements proving to be economically beneficial. 
Due to the fluidity in the beginning stages of concrete, the uses and design possibilities are unlimited. The concrete can be formed into a variety of structures and molds where it will cure and take place. Concrete easily meets the demands of any design.
Due to the strength and durability concrete can withstand mother nature's most powerful disasters. Concrete can take on high temperatures and is fire resistant, unlike softwood lumber. It also cannot harbor mold such as an old wooden home would, providing quality air. 
Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU
Recipient of the Virginia Chapter- ACI 2017 Commonwealth Award in Concrete Excellence 


Abernathy Construction Corporation

Atlee Road Extenstion: Hanover County 

The Atlee Road extension project, administered by Hanover County, required a 300 cubic yard bridge pour over the railroad tracks as part of the 1/2 mile connection to Atlee Station Road. 

Barton Malow:

Fort Pickett 183 D Regional Training 

Gilbane Building Company:

Institute for Contemporary Arts at VCU

This project required multiple mix designs to support sloped, vertical and horizontal walls, floors, stairs, a foundation system and surrounding planters and retaining walls.  A majority of the concrete placed was a minimum 6,000 PSI utilizing 25% flyash blend along with heavy dosages of a HRWR to reduce the initial heat of hydration and ensure consolidations around the congested reinforcing. 

The Conlan Company:

The Vitamin Shoppe Distribution Center - Featured Project

The Vitamin Shoppe distribution center is a 311,740 square foot building located in Doswell, Virginia. From the time the first yard was poured, the project took seven months to complete. There is a total of 11,000 yards of concrete that includes foundations, slabs on grade, tilt walls, paving and pads for loading/unloading. The modern building design stems from Macgregor Associates Architects in Atlanta, Georgia. They blend architecture and construction together “to design cost effective buildings in a functionally expressive architectural style.” Aside from the modern look and latest technology, the distribution center touts health and wellness with a fitness room, a basketball court and an outdoor walking trail

Armada Hoffler/Schuster Concrete:

Williams Mullen

Choate Construction/Hemma Concrete:

McKesson Pharmaceutical Warehouse

Whiting-Turner/Cleveland Cement:

VCU/MCV Student Housing

James River Concrete:

Virginia War Memorial

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